Butt Sculpting Workout *Yoga Inspired Moves*

youtube video version

Hey Everyone!

I’ve been working hard on getting a video library to you by January 2014 but until then, here’s a sneak peak from one of my butt sculpting workouts.  Each movement in this routine is inspired by yoga and while the primary muscles you’ll work are in the lower body, the core is the secondary focus.  So enjoy this ‘below the waist’ toning workout!  If you have weight loss needs then add 30min of cardio before this workout to ensure you’ll get the burn you need.

Print this out and grab a girlfriend to do these moves with!  You wont need any equipment so you can do this workout anywhere.  Get moving Ladies!

*Do 2-3 sets and 10reps of each exercise.  Rest for 60sec before you move on to the next exercise.

1)Rising Pliea Squat

-Stand with feet wider than hips, toes turned out
-Press through the inside of your feet (through big toe) and lift heels up
-Keeping chest lifted, push knees back and lower into a squat
-Rise up, lower heels. That’s one rep!
*you should feel this work from your inner thigh through your inner knee and through your big toe.

Pliea Squat w Heels Lifted

2)Kundalini to Standing Split

Kundalini to Standing Split

3)Chair Pose to Leg Extension

Chair Pose w Leg Ext.

4)Thigh Shaper

Thigh Shaper


5)Side Lying Plank, Punch & Kick *10reps Rt., Lt.

-Ly on your Lt. side and push yourself up into an assisted side plank (make sure your elbow, hips and knee are in the same line)
-Round spine and reach Rt. elbow to Rt. knee then punch Rt. hand and kick Rt. leg out.
*as you kick out, push hips forward and feel the extension coming from your hips and pushing through your heel.

Side Plank, Knee & Elbow Touch to Punch

6)Hip Bridge Pulse w/ Leg Lifts*10reps Rt., Lt 

-Ly on your back with knees bent, feet flat and heels hip distance apart
-Lift hips up into bridge position now extend your Rt. leg to the sky
-Lower hips to ground and lower the Rt. leg over the ground simultaneously.
-Lift hips and leg to staring position. That’s one rep. Complete 10reps on this side before switching.

Hip Bridge Leg Lift

7)Cobra Lift & Sculpt

-Ly on your stomach, squeeze legs together, push hips into ground, bend elbows toward sky and place hands on either side of your chest
-Now open your chest and lift into cobra
-Anchor Lt. leg, lift Rt. leg and feel the extension stretch from your Rt. hip through the toe. Hold 10sec. Release.
-Now lift back into cobra, this time lifting both legs off ground.
-Squeeze your legs together and then open them up, continue this movement for 10 reps.
*squeeze inner thighs and inner heels toward one another
-Lower back to starting position, then lift and hold Lt. leg up
-That’s one rep!

Cobra Leg Lifts and Squeeze

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