Get out of that Workout Rut!

Hey Ladies!

I’m running the Marine Corps Mud Run with my brother, sister and husband this weekend and the anticipation of the event has really kept me on top of my workout regimen.  This got me thinking of you and wondering if you were doing something right now to keep yourself motivated and working out regularly.  Sure, its ok to take a break from exercise every now and then but for the most part, you should be so used to regular exercise that you feel ‘off’ when you go without it for more than 5-7 days.

So what are you doing to keep yourself on track with making exercise a part of your lifestyle? If you’re in a slump right now here are a couple suggestions to keep you on track to becoming and staying; long, lean and beautiful.

1) Schedule an athletic eventgirls hiking

  • Adventurous weekend vacation; Hiking Trip in Montana or Costa Rica, Skiing in Colorado
  • Mud Run, Marathon
  • Thanksgiving Day Family Flag Football
  • 1-3 day Yoga Workshop (held at local yoga studios, usually on the weekends)

2) Try a new workout

Dont follow the same exercise routine time and time again.  That would bore anyone!  In order to keep my clients interested and cued into our workouts I switch things up on a regular basis and you must do the same for yourself.  There are so many options in the fitness market for us to try so get out there and give something new a shot!  The change will be invigorating, I promise;)

3) Read a health or fitness inspired bookmy favorite books

Keeping health on your mind is important for maintaining regular exercise and a healthy diet.  With work, kids, friends, travel and other commitments constantly keeping us busy its hard to remember that we should be snacking on nuts, not chips & dip.  If you’re not into books, subscribe to your favortie healthy living blog or buy a fitness magazine subscription to keep health in the back of your mind at all times. 

4) Buy new workout clothes

Fitness retail therapy works!  This is one of the fail proof ways to motivate yourself to workout.  Buy something that you look and feel good in and you’ll be excited about you’re next workout.  If you run then buy a form fitting running jacket, are you trying to get a swim routine down?  Buy a swimsuit to motivate you to get into the pool.  Here are some of my  favorite outfit combinations:

5) Get Social!Ppl Working Out

  • Post your goals and progress on Facebook, and Twitter.  Add photos of yourself as time goes on and enjoy all the accolades along the way!
  • Schedule a workout with a buddy! Having someone else hold you accountable to a time and place for a workout means you’re likely to stick to the commitment.  So grab a friend/sweat buddy, print out one of my workouts and make it happen!
  • Join your neighborhood run or bike club

These are all temporary fixes so you will find that you need something else to keep you on track once the novelty wears off.  Remember that self control and discipline are the biggest contributors to overall good health so the power to remain on track with your health and fitness goals is within you!

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