Motivating & GIRLY Workout Playlist

Lacking motivation in your workouts?  The right music can really give you that ‘umph’ you’re needing.  Here’s what I’ve been jamming to recently.  Maybe it will help you stay focused through the reps you’re pumping or the 8mile run you’ve got planned for this evening;)  Fair warning, it’s totally girly!  Enjoy.

Create Muscular Symmetry in your Body with this Single Side/Unilateral WORKOUT

Have you ever felt muscular imbalance in your body?  Do you know which of your limbs are weak, and which ones are stronger?  We make movements that strengthen only one side of our body all day long; like always stepping forward with your right foot first, or carrying your child on your left hip, or unloading groceries, driving, and more.  It’s natural for us to have one side that’s slightly stronger than the other but with proper training the difference can become negligible.  Muscle imbalance will keep you from being your strongest and eventually it results in pain so it’s important to address this issue so that you can gain symmetry in your body.

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