Moderate FAT BURN Workout

All you need is a set of dumbbells and a mat for this fat scorching workout!



2 thoughts on “Moderate FAT BURN Workout

  1. Are these exercises safe for someone with arthritis ( six months ago had arthroscopic knee surgery) and back problems (had lumbar decompression just two weeks ago). Up until Aug 2012 was fairly fit, working with a trainer when I tore my medial meniscus. So now when I can start exercise again I will have to be cautious!

    • Hey Joan!
      Its so good to hear from you! I’m sorry about the physical set backs you’ve experienced over the past year. You were so active and agile when I trained you so I know you must be frustrated. Its hard for me to say whether or not you can do the moves in this workout safely without training you in person. But I can say that you need to go back to the basics by strengthening the core and hip area first and then once you feel stable in those areas you can move on to more complicated movements like the ones in this exercise. Use yoga, pilates, resistance band training, bike, swimming, golf, walking as your exercise for about 3 months and when you can feel your core strength is rehabilitated then add weights to your regimen. All the exercises I listed above are great for arthritis too. Also, dance is excellent for arthritis. Not sure of the condition your knee is in but hopefully you’re still able to dance. I know how much you loved it!!
      Also, I train clients over skype now so if you’d like to pick back up with training Id love to help you rehabilitate your body;)

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