DETOX After a Weekend of Overindulgence


After Overindulging

Did you jump aboard the Jagrmeister train or doughnut drive-in this weekend? For those who are interested in learning how to detox your body after a long weekend this article is for you. Barbeques, a long day at the lake, tailgating at your favorite team’s football game, whatever the occasion, we all drink or eat a little too much at times! There’s nothing wrong with having a little too much fun every once in a while; however for those who are suffering from nausea, pain, exhaustion or overall dread the next morning from an alcohol of food induced hangover, you need a trustworthy plan of attack to get back to your normal state. Your body needs to detox after such an event and I’ll show you exactly how to do it in this article.

But first I MUST educate you on what excessive alcohol and overeating does to our bodies. Ladies, you can have about 2 drinks before your hormones begin to change and Men, you can have about 3 drinks before your body chemistry begins to change too.  That’s not very many, right?  It may be a limit that’s hard to get used to but here’s some incentive as to why you should show your body some respect and treat it like you love it…

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What’s for Dinner? Thai Shrimp Curry

Thai Shrimp Green Curry

We LOVE this recipe.  Its a metabolism boosting, cleansing, protein and nutrient packed meal that tastes incredibly indulgent too.  Modify it however you please and ENJOY!

Picture2 387

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