7 Step Sensational Salad Checklist


Salad.  Its a popular choice for most of us because it offers a pretty delicious way to get our daily veggie and fruit servings in.  However, If you’re anything like me, you’re tiring quickly of seeing mixed greens with cranberries, goat cheese and pecans at every turn.  We often use the same combination of foods when preparing our salads at home because we like it, its healthy and its fast.  Why change a good thing, right?  Well, eating the same lettuce, topping, dressing combo over and over can lead to bored taste buds and that can lead to not feeling satisfied which then leads to overeating.  So lets address the issue with this realistic way to keep us excited about our next meal.  My 7 Step Sensational Salad checklist will give you a complete and satisfying meal every time you use it.

Instructions:  Choose one option from each step below.

Tip: Buy your 7 ingredients at the beginning of the week and then choose 7 different ingredients the following week.  If you do this, you’ll surely never get bored.

Step 1- Pick a Green


-spring mix

-butter lettuce

Step 2- Pick a Cheese


-blue cheese


-sharp cheddar


-spicy jack

Step 3- Pick an Onion

-white, red or yellow

-spring/green onions


Step 4- Pick a Veggie


-beet root




-sugar/snap pea


Step 5- Pick a Fruit


-berries any kind!





Step 6- Pick a Nut or Seed


-sunflower seeds


-sliced almonds


Step 7- Pick a Protein



-bison flank steak

-beans or legumes chickpeas, lentils, red or navy bean


There ya go!  All you need for a sensational salad are your choice of greens, cheese, onion, veggie, fruit, nut and protein.   This salad checklist offers you the benefits of having a complete meal without having to think about it!  Its full of fresh fruits and veggies, healthy fats, protein and carbs too.  Feel free to add more components or take some out to your liking!  Experiment and have fun with your salads by trying new ingredients.  Hit up a farmers market and buy that unfamiliar fruit or veggie that you’ve looked over so many times before.  Keep variety in all areas of your life; even your salad choices.

One thought on “7 Step Sensational Salad Checklist

  1. The more ingredients, the better! All those extra toppings help me to forget that I’m eating big, green leaves.

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