My Favorite FAST Baby Foods

Fast Snacks

Here are my favorite ‘fast’ baby foods.  I try to stay away from packaged foods altogether but it’s not always possible!  Whether we’re traveling or just having a busy day, I reach for one of these foods to keep Lucas satisfied and healthy! They are all made with natural ingredients and are low in sugar and sodium too.


Sensible Portions garden veggie straws

Oskri fig bars

Ella’s nibbly fingers breakfast bars and ginger cookies

Plum Organics, Earth’s Best and Materene puréed baby food  (*my doctor said to not use these anymore because Lucas is too old for pureed food, but when I can’t find time to make him a sensible snack I use these and feel good about it too!  They’re much more nutritious than chicken fingers from McDonalds, goldfish or cheerios!)