Leg & Butt Obsession

Every woman wants to know how to shrink their thighs and lift their butt, right?  Well there are many things that go into sculpting the perfect lower half but there is one classic move that sculpts the front and back of the legs and keeps your buns tight too.  Its the STATIC LUNGE.  Getting the best results from this move comes from practicing it in perfect form so follow these instructions and enjoy the feeling of confidence you’ll have this summer in your short shorts and swimsuit!

Lunge.  Right foot forward first, drop the left knee (Remember, you’re an elevator, not an escalator.  Move up and down, not forward and back), push through the INSIDE of your feet and legs.  Feel the strength being built from your big toe all the way to your inner thigh.  Your legs should make a perfect triangle and be completely straight at the top of your lunge.  Repeat 10-15x’s then switch to Left foot forward.  Do 3 sets.

*graduate to the JUMP LUNGE (the move I’m doing in the picture) once you’re strong enough!

Picture2 403 Picture2 404

2 thoughts on “Leg & Butt Obsession

  1. Love the blog! Question – do you find moves like this to be best for beating cellulite, or do you find cellulite to be more of a diet/cleansing related thing?

    • Hey Megan! That’s a great question and one I’ve been asked many many times so I’m answering it with my next blog. Stay tuned for the answer;)

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