1 Year Old Sample Diet

Lucas’ 12 Month Old DietP1040591

*2, 8oz Milk bottles, daily

*1/2 coconut water, ½ water bottles throughout day (some are just water)

*Fish oil Supplement daily


– egg, cheese & spinach omelet (sometimes 2eggs!), blueberries, tsp coconut oil


-Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich cut up into pieces


-*Sprout packet pureed spinach and apple, or carrot and broccoli (sometimes 2!)

-1/2 banana and peanut butter ( I add coconut oil sometimes too)


-Chicken and cheese quesadilla

-Chicken Salad (sometimes sandwich cut into pieces)

Snack– (one of the options listed above)


-Salmon, spinach, quinoa

-Tilapia, spinach, sweet potato

-Shrimp & stir fry veggies

-Chicken & quinoa mixed with peas and spinach

-Meat Lasagna


-*DOLE frozen choco banana, cut into ¼’s

-2 graham crackers

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