Garage Gym Renovation

Garage Gym b&A FinalI began dreaming of my own training space many years ago but this Fall I realized that it was finally time to make my dream a reality by renovating our garage and turning it into my gym.  By the time this big project was completed, (February 2015) I could not believe how perfect my new gym felt to me.  It was what I had dreamed of but better!  Every time I walk down the steps a wave of satisfaction comes over me because I feel so grateful to have my own place to study, teach, be creative, write, play & innovate.

Before the renovation I was training people out of my home which was filled with distractions like loud kids, messes left by my family (it was their space too after all) and limited space all of which wasn’t ideal for getting a workout in, studying, writing or really getting anything done!  So this new gym is outside of my family’s living space which really helps the function of our home and of my business.

The picture below shows the big changes we made. If you want specifics on anything else, just ask! But you can click here– concrete floor stain — for my favorite change of all, the Kemiko concrete floors which were designed to look like turquoise.GarageCollageFinal

Thank you to my sponsors!

I just love having a soothing, inspiring place that represents my style & personality and allows me to focus on my passion for fitness. I could not have completed this project without the expertise and guidance of my sponsors who are listed below:

Kemiko Concrete Stain
Charlotte, NC
c: 704.400.7661

Garage Door LiftP1070998
RCS Garage Door
Michael R Thomas
c: 704.363.4926

P1080008Electrical Work garage door, lighting, speakers
Jonathan Brown Electric
Rock Hill, SC
c: 704.936.8990

Smart SpeakersP1070994
Denon HEOS


GarageCollageFinalSherwin Williams

Fort Mill, SC, 29708-7815

(803) 802-6762

Monday Motivation : BOSU Ball Workout & Stretch


  1. Teeter-Totter x10
  2. Burpee x15
  3.  Push Up x15
  4. Pistol Squat x5 each side *Beginner do Standard Squat x15
  5. Sit Up, Jump Up! x15
  6. Static Lunge Pulse x10 each side



🔹Incline chest stretch
How To: Elbow on bosu, ly on side and feel chest open as you try to stack shoulders in one line. Targets: pec minor stretch aka muscles in outer chest & inner shoulder
🔹Deep Triceps Stretch
How To: Elbows on bosu, hands in prayer overhead, exhale and pull chest through your arms, eventually relax your thumbs on the back of your neck- try not to round upper back.
Targets: long head triceps aka part of triceps thats closest to shoulders

🔹Round Back Forward Fold
How To: Pull up on edges of bosu while rounding your back and feeling scalpel pull away from one another. Press down through heels, pull thighs up into your hips and push knees back with each exhale.
Targets: upper back & hamstring
🔹Calf Stretch
How To: Keep eye gaze and chest lifted, spine straight. Pull belly in and push hips back. Heel sinks to the ground as you pull back on the bosu. Targets: glute, hamstring, calf, achilles tendon
🔹Lying Bow Pulling Pose
How To: Ly face down on bosu so that the highest point is pressing against the middle of your torso. With your Rt. hand grab the inside of your Lt foot, include all 5 fingers in the grip. Now press Lt hip down and fuel through the Lt toes as up push them up toward the ceiling. Bring your shoulders in one line, lift your chest and feel your spine elongate. Keep back bending and lengthening as best as you can with each exhale, then relax and switch sides.
Targets: Chest, inner arm, stomach, quad & front ankle stretch, spine & glute strengthening, digestive stimulation